Using Tiller for Non-Profit accounting and able to budget for projects

So I have setup the foundation template and added the business dashboard, which works great for tracking expenditures. One of the things I need to be able to do it to budget/earmark money out of the available balance to fund projects, and reflect the difference from the account balance. Ive played with trying to make the budgeting sheet work, but none of my ideas have made it simple to show project funds, and account balance if all projects have been funded. Seems most of the foundation template sheets are geared towards personal incomes, and reoccurring monthly expenses. We dont have a normal reoccurring income, and very few reoccurring expenses. But really need to see where we stand financially after approving project expenditures.
Any templates im missing from the community that would work for this? Thanks.

I’m treasurer for a non-profit community choir, and have used Tiller to sync the choir bank account, but I ended up building my own budgeting and finance spreadsheet since the Tiller termplates didn’t seem geared to budgets for concerts and plays.