"Warning: Some formulas are trying to send and receive data from external parties."

Today when I opened my Tiller Sheet, I got this warning:

Warning: Some formulas are trying to send and receive data from external parties.

How can I determine which formulas are triggering this warning before clicking allow?

I tried search for the formulas listed in this reference, but couldn’t find any:


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I hadn’t scrolled far enough down the page I referenced above.

It turns out that the IMAGE function also triggers this warning, and there are definitely instances of the IMAGE function in the sheets.

The Google Sheets warning would be a lot better if it generated a report of which cells are using these functions.

Mystery solved.

I’m getting this warning as well.

Is there any risk of my data being exported to a third party or something? I’m not comfortable allowing access just yet, will it prevent my spreadsheets from operating correctly?

I believe it is just the IMAGE formulas in the sheets, but it would be good if someone from Tiller could confirm or provide direction for how we can audit this ourselves.

Of the formulas on Google’s docs that fall under this new warning, IMAGE was the only one I could find in my foundation sheet + community add-ons.

I just got this error today for the first time as well. @heather - any insight here?

hi @lions04 and all :slight_smile:

We’re aware of this. It’s due to an update that Google pushed. It’s because our logo is embedded in many sheets in the template using a URL reference (=image) that’s pointing to where the image is stored in our Google cloud storage, which is an “external” location to the Google Sheet.

We will be working to update that in the coming weeks to use a different embed method so that it doesn’t appear anymore.

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So have people just removed the image and that goes away?

You can remove the image formula or you can just allow access.