Weekly budget errors


I think @heather’s suggestion to restore the dashboard was a good one, but the problem sounds like it is upstream— in either Categories or Budgets History. There are three possibilities:

  • There is a bug in our rollover processing script
  • There is something amiss in your categories sheet that is confusing the rollover script
  • Your Budgets History sheet has become disorganized/corrupted in a way that the script cannot recovering from

The first case is possible, but we haven’t seen this behavior with too many users.
The second is also possible, but feels unlikely since that sheet isn’t complex.

Starting over with a clean Budgets History feels like the best bet. Are you open to creating a new spreadsheet? And running the Tiller/Budget/Start workflow on top of that?

You could even try our new migrator to pull across any categorization you’ve done. (Be sure to follow the steps and let us know how it goes.)

Good luck and let us know if you need further help.