Where is the "Enable Content" button on the Spending Trends worksheet?

I downloaded the (Excel) Tiller Foundation workbook today and have been working my way through the steps of setting it up. In the instructions for Spending Trends (number 6 on the Tiller Help worksheet), there’s a “tip”


I don’t see an “Enable Content” button on the Spending Trends worksheet. Where can I find it?

ohhhhh interesting… mind if i tag onto our question?

is there anything like this for Google Sheets?

It’s usually here in the top right when you open the workbook, if you’re not seeing it, but you’re seeing images in the “help slides” area of the Spending Trends sheet after you check off a few of the boxes and don’t see the #BLOCKED error where those images should be then you’re all set, no need to worry about it.

Hi Heather,
I didn’t get a security warning and I was able to see images on the Spending Trends worksheet. The message would be clearer if it said “If you get a Security Warning from Excel, press the Enable Content button.”

Your Excel security settings must be a little different, @john.isner. Are you using Excel on the web or on your local machine?

Desktop, Excel 365. Maybe I did see it earlier, but dismissed it out of habit. But I can tell you that I have not seen it since then when I open Tiller.

I think you’re all set then. Nothing to worry about.