Would like somebody to build a spreadsheet for me catered to my unique business

Hi All,

I am looking for somebody who may be interested in building a custom spreadsheet for my particular business needs. Want to use Excel because I am visually impaired and use a screen reader, and that would be the easiest platform for me to use. I can go into detail Specifically about what I need, but just putting this out here to start with to see if there is any interest.

Also, is there an Excel version of the small business spreadsheet for Google sheets?

Edited to add that I am looking to hire a Tiller expert to build the sheet that I need.

Hi, if you’re still looking for some help with this DM me. I might be able to help you out. Take care!

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if you are still interested i can hello. i built many modules on tiller for my small business including lots of VBA coding