2022 January budget data not appearing in Yearly Budget or Monthly Budget

Maybe someone has an idea. I extended my Categories tab to begin my 2022 budgeting and input my 2022 monthly budget. Now I see in my Yearly Budget that my budget column for January 2022 is not populating. Also the Monthly Budget tab has no budget data for January 2022.

Yet the Feb-Dec 2022 budget columns are populating correctly on both Monthly and Yearly tabs.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi @isussman1228,

Did you follow the steps in this guide for setting up the 2022 budget months?

You can always revert to a prior version using the built in version history and then go through those steps again.

Hi Heather,

I did follow the steps to set up the 2022 budget months. I did that some time ago but didn’t realize the missing data until recently as I started filling my forecast and noticed that the January data wasn’t populating. With so many changes and time passing I don’t know how to revert to a prior version that wouldn’t effect other updates. I “can” override the January data and manually fill if nothing else.


I would double check that the column header for Jan 2022 has a formula in it vs just being static text.

You should have dragged the formula from Dec 2021 to the right to make sure Jan 2022 was created using a formula vs copy/paste Jan 2021 - Dec 2021’s headers into the 12 new blank columns you added as part of those steps.

Also double check your dropdown selections for month/year on both the Monthly Budget and Yearly Budget sheets.