Yearly Budget Not Populating

I’ve tried several times over the years to install and use the Yearly Budget template but I’ve never been able to (and now I’m finally frustrated enough to ask). I always get the same result when I install the template: the template looks like it’s there but it doesn’t populate with anything, just a dark grey box. Doesn’t matter if I change the year or month, nothing populates. I have, I think, a pretty standard unmodified Categories sheet, and I can successfully use the Monthly Budget, Savings, Budget, and all the other templates. This one just doesn’t seem to like something I’m doing. My only troubleshooting guess is that I currently have 207 categories, and I’ve seen elsewhere that that amount can cause some issues. Is that it? I could probably trim out 7 if the limit is 200, but I’d prefer not to if I can avoid it. Thanks.

Here’s what the hidden columns show:

Hi @chrisgp123,

Something looks very off with your sheet. At first glance, it looks as if all formulas and text below row 3 have been cleared. Here is a screenshot of how the header should look with show formulas turned on (View → Show → Formulas, or Ctrl+`).

Can you restore the Yearly Budget template from Extensions → Tiller Money Feeds → Templates? When prompted, select Archive Existing Template if you have customizations you may want to copy over or Overwrite Existing Template if you don’t need to save anything.

Thanks @cculber2,

Here’s what mine looks like when I show formulas:

And when I restore it from the extension, I get this:

…even though I haven’t typed or done anything during the Restore process. It’s like it hits this error and then stops installing.

That is very strange, @chrisgp123. What happens if you delete the Yearly Budget tab from your spreadsheet and do a fresh install of the template? Alternatively, you can try creating a new spreadsheet from the Tiller Console. If the Yearly Budget template in that spreadsheet looks correct, you can try copying it to your spreadsheet.


So I was under the impression that Yearly Budgets pulled its data from Categories, but I was wrong, it appears to mostly come from Monthly Budgets instead, and on that sheet, I did have some customizations (sparklines showing budget progress) that broke the Yearly Budgets data. So your suggestion to copy from a new template was what lead me to that. Thanks @cculber2!

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Aha! Good find, @chrisgp123! I’m glad you were able to figure it out!