Monthly Budget View not populating

My categorie and transactions are populated and worked beautifully in December. Now that it’s January, the Monthly Budget View doesn’t populate anything…

Any ideas?

You probably need to expand your Categories sheet to include months from 2021. See this post for more.

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Here’s our official guide on expanding the amount of months in the Foundation template

My Categories tab already came with all of the 2021 months populated and it auto-popped values when I filled in December.

Double check that you have selected 2021 at the top of the Monthly Budget sheet to confirm that you’re viewing the right month/year

Yep. Definitely am. And, strangely, I haven’t touched it and just revisited it and now the Monthly Budget view is completely blank in all months, as if the entire thing is broken. This is fun. :slight_smile:


Usually this has to do with a header missing in either Categories or Transactions sheet.

Guide here:

So double check those headers in row 1 and if they’re intact try restoring the sheet using the Tiller Money Labs add-on.