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I’m having an issue with the Account Filter template from Tiller Labs. All accounts show up except one. Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi does not show any data. It matches to the account on the console. It also the same that I use on another sheet. It shows correctly there. I have deleted the tab, and when I is opened if I have not applied the account name on the transaction tab the transactions show the detail. This only happens with this one account. All others appear fine. Wondering if I should delete the account and
re-establish or what other options might I try. I did try the manage solutions in the labs and that did not work. Thanks in advance for your help.

Is it possible that the account is set to “Hide” in the Accounts sheet?

Actually there are no accounts listed in the accounts tab. Should they be or is it ok either way?

There should be. Can you unhide the columns at right and send a screenshot of G1:H25?

Forgive my stupidity, I am still in the trial period. When I look at the account tab there are only columns a to d. On the transaction tab column g (account #) has xxxx#### and h shows the institution name. Before I rec’d the earlier emails I removed the account in question from the connected accounts and now CIti bank is not connecting. When I try it just shows the securely transferring etc and not connecting. I have left it like that for up to 5 minutes so will try again tomorrow. I have selected all the accounts that I want matched to this sheet on the accounts tab now. I just need to get this Costco Citi card back up and running. Again, thanks for your help.

I was hoping you could share screenshot of those cells in the Account Filter template since that is the one you were asking about. (You will need to unhide those columns.)

Are you saying that the “Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi” is not showing up on your Account Filter template or that it isn’t filling into your Transactions sheet (i.e. the account is not being fed by Tiller Money Feeds).

Morning - attached are the requested screenshots. One is of the account filter and the account list. The account in question is the citi one ending in 3718. You will note that on the filter page the acct name and number do appear as they do on the account list. All the other accounts do show the last four of the account. You can on the console all the other accounts do show the account last four. Sorry that I miss understood your request yesterday.

These screenshots are really helpful. I can see that the Account Filter template is finding the “Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi" account (it’s about the 8th one down in the List of Accounts). I can also see in the Transactions section, the column lookups are working for all of the required columns.

At this point, I have to assume the issue— i.e. the reason you aren’t seeing an transactions when you select “Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi" in the Account Filter sheet— is that you don’t have any transactions with that account name in the Transactions sheet. If this is the case, there may be a feeds issue or the card/account may just be inactive.

Can you do a Find in the Transactions sheet and see if any transactions with “Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi" (in the Account column) are found?

Sorry to be so late with the reply, hard a bad day, dr’s appt’s. Attached are three screenshots. List of accounts on the console, account list and account filter list and connected account list on the add-on.

As far as the Costco cards go, the one ending in7319 is not a connected account. Items are entered manually. 3718 is the connected account. When I processed the update today it did bring in some items on the 3718 but used the name as shown in the previous email. When I entered the name as shown on the account list nothing showed up on the filter as the account is not there. I have deleted the account filter and then added it back with no difference.

I am guessing that the heart of the problem is that the account id is not in all the places it should be. I thought that I had gotten the account listed in all the places that it needs to be, but I guess not. The other problem for me, is that maybe I have the wrong one shown, as there seem to be to different accounts with the same name and different id’s (D8B1) and (2A0D) on the account lsit.

Again thanks and sorry for the late reply.

account filter list of accounts.png

Afternoon- well the computer gremlins have been at it again. The account filter is showing the correct information for both of the Costco accounts. Not really sure what happened overnight, but it is all fine.

Thank you again for your assistance with this problem. Have a good day.

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