Add Tags to Transactions

Is there a way I can add a Tags column in the Transactions tab, so that if I want to add individual transactions as Business Expenses so they will be reflected in the Estimated Quarterly Tax template?

Yes, this is fine to do. Just add a new column and label it “Tags”.


I added the column named Tags, and marked a few transactions as Business, but it’s not reflecting in the Business Expenses in Est Quarterly Tax template. My Q2 business expense was -$2,364 before and after tagging the transactions.

@zedd34 I think the tag that needs to be used here is on the Categories sheet. You can add the Tags column to Transactions and to Categories. I think for the Est. Quarterly Taxes it’s expecting it to be coming from the Categories sheet.

Seems like based on the docs it should be adding that column automatically to the Categories sheet.