Aggregating "Group" expenses

Has anyone aggregated expenses by Group? It seems the Tiller templates only aggregate expenses by Categories which is helpful, but it would also be helpful to see how much I am spending collectively across a Group. If I have 10 “Home” expenses, I’m not sure why Tiller doesn’t aggregate a “Home” total for me.

Have you tried the Monthly and Yearly Budget sheets, @hbwilliams22? These sheets ship with the new Foundation template (all you need to do is create a new spreadsheet in the Console) or you can add these templates to a new blank sheet— just link an empty spreadsheet to your account with the Tiller Feeds add-on then install the templates with the new Tiller Labs add-on.

Hope this helps.

(1) Easy = Below is an article from the Help Center explaining how to add a Group column to the Transactions sheet (if you do not already have one there). It should take about 1-2 minutes to read the article and add the column. After adding the column, then you want to sort the whole Transactions sheet using the Group column as your primary sort and then using the Category column as your secondary sort. If you have not sorted before, select the box in the upper left corner of the Transactions sheet (left of column A, above row 1, and below fx symbol). Next, select Data, then Sort Range, then check box in front of (Data has header row), then sort by Group, then click “Add another sort column”, then select Category, and then finally click the Sort button. This process will sort your Transactions sheet by Group and when you get to your Group called Home, then that Group itself will be sorted by Category. At this point you can sum up the numbers you want, copy/paste the applicable information into a new tab (or a totally new sheet), etc.

(2) Not So Easy = If you have more time to invest, want to deal with more difficulty, and want something more permanent, see this article about creating a Pivot table (see section called…Review Spending By Group And Category).


OK, so I found some charts I created awhile ago. I assume a chart like this one is ultimately what @hbwilliams22 would like to see. Am I right, @hbwilliams22? This is pretty powerful if you ask me. This will get you real close to your money real quick. Contains personal information so do not share outside the community. Cheers, Blake

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I use Tiller for my building company business and have setup categories like a chart of accounts. This is a link to a sheet that just has my Tiller categories tab.
Categories Chart of Accounts Template


This is awesome. Tiller’s Categories are really your P&L. And you have added the B/S. Nice

Questions - So, do you have a journal entry that represents every transaction? I am thinking no. Most transactions involve cash so you just need to assign categories, right? What do you do with a manual entry? For example, what if you write off to bad debts some of your A/R? You go into the transactions tab and manually enter the transaction, right? I have only seen the one sheet you provided but I am wondering how you would audit your books from a GAAP perspective.