Alphabetize accounts on Balances tab?

Hi all! I can’t seem to find an answer for how to alphabetize (or even list in a specific order) the various accounts listed on the Balances tab. For example, under my Savings Assets, there we have multiple savings accounts, but I can’t put them in any specific order … same thing for my Credit Card Liabilities … I’d like to list them alphabetically, or in order of balance, or whatever.


Take a look at the hidden columns beyond column I.

There are two equations that use “sort” - they are in cells K3 and R3.

Those equations end with the sort priority:
2, true, 4, true, 3, true

2 = Group
3 = Account
4 = Last Updated
5 = Balance
true = ascending

So, the accounts are sorted by Group, then Last Updated, then Account, all ascending. Last Updated is what makes the order appear random.

If you want to sort by Account, then change both cells equations to:
2, true, 3, true, 4, true
which just swaps Account and Last Updated, so they’re sorted by Account first.

Or by Balance:
2, true, 5, false, 3, true


I don’t see an equation in either of those cells in either the Accounts tab or the Balances tab?

Google Sheets, Balances sheet.

Excel appears to be Balances sheet cells J4 and T4

And the syntax is a little different:

2 = Group
3 = Account
5 = Last Updated
6 = Balance
1 = ascending
-1 = descending

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That explains it … I’m using Excel, not Sheets :frowning:

I updated my previous response to include Excel.

PERFECTION! Thank you!!! :grin:

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