How to alphabetically order list of manual accounts?

I have possibly ~20 manual accounts added at various times and it’s becoming annoying to have to scan the manual accounts drop down list every time I have to make an update. If the list was able to be alphabetically ordered, it would make the process quicker.

Does anyone know how this dropdown list could be ordered/organized?

This is a wildassed guess BUT it worked for organizing my non-manual accounts. You can rearrange the accounts in your Accounts tab any way you like and that seems to direct the account drop downs.

So… why not try sorting all your accounts (or just the manual ones) alphabetically and see if that works? You could move a couple a a test if you didn’t want to jump all in.

Great advice, makes sense…but no luck. Thanks anyway!

i tried a few things as well and cant find how it is sorted.

@randy I am pretty sure you coded this, any insights on how to change the sort order?

Hey guys! Which drop-down are you talking about? In a sidebar? In a template?

I was assuming from the Add-on dropdown