Is there an easy way to rearrange order of Groups for Budget?

Hello Tiller Community!

I’m working on my monthly budgets sheet and I’m just wondering if there’s a way to reorder which groups come up first.

Currently the groups are sorted in alphabetical order and I’d like to customize that if possible. Can anyone help with that?

An example of what I’d like to do is to put “Living Expenses” first, “Savings and Retirement” second, etc.

If anyone can help with that, it would be much appreciated!

So it is based alphabetically. But numeric also works.

What I do is put them a number in front of it

  1. Living Expenses
  2. Savings and Retirement

This forces it


I do the same:

  • 01-Food
  • 02-Pets
  • 03-Health
  • 10-Taxes
  • 20-Projects

If you leave open numbers between some of them, you have room to add more groups later without having to change things.


Please skip if looking for an answer.

My solution is to add another column with defaults to lowest priority and adjust granularity based upon what’s needed then sort on vlookup. I agree that numeric prefixes are the simplest and easiest fix.

A vlookup solution is to define a list of priority and point that action then, but it will take a few seconds longer than running a targeted scan.

I’m new and still learning. Sorry for not providing an answer. I think we can figure this out.

The formulas that drive the category order a pretty fussy but can definitely be customized to your liking if you are an advanced user. I’d recommend the solution proposed by @richl and @jpfieber.