How to sort Categories by importance vs. alphabetical?

As of now, Tiller seems to ignore the category order within the Categories sheet and sorts Categories in reports by alphabetical instead. Right now, I am adding numbers as prefixes to my Categories, Groups, and Types in order to override the alphabetical sorting. Example below. Is this the best way to sort by importance or is there a better way? I will say, having numbers in front of the Categories, Groups, and Types does add clutter.

One way to do it is to add a new column and put your sort order in that column and then sort the sheet by that column. (You can even hide that column if you want.)

Sort which sheet? I use the Cash Flow sheet as a holistic way of looking at my monthly spending.

I’d add it to the categories sheet. Then, the cash flow sheet query would have to be modified to sort by that column and not the category name column. I don’t have that sheet, so I don’t know offhand how it works, but I’ll take a look and see if it’s easy to accomplish.