Help with Incorrect Account Setup - Need to Change to Credit/Liability

Hello all,

I’ve been working on setting up my financial accounts manually and seem to have made a slight error. I set up credit card as a “savings and assett” account, which is incorrect.

Could someone please walk me through how to correct this classification to “credit and liability”? I am not sure if I can just edit the relevant cells in the Balance History (hidden) tab.

Thank you

Accounts are designated as either an asset or a liability in the Class Override column of the Accounts tab. Hope that helps.

Thank you. When I look in the Balance History tab is account is classiifed incorrectly. Also, I’m trying to use the “Credit Card Settings” community template and the card isn’t available in that sheet.

I’m wondering if there an option to change from the base settings rather than override i.e. correct the original mistake?

If it’s incorrect in the Balance History tab, then it sounds like it’s coming into Tiller, via Yodlee, incorrectly. You’d need to contact customer support through the chat window in the console to get that sorted out.

It makes sense to correct it at the source. In the meantime, I’m curious if the Accounts sheet Override gets the Credit Card Settings template working?