Hello Money treats my credit card account as a asset. If only!

I like Hello Money. Problem is it treats 2 of my credit cards as assets instead of liabilities. I suspect it has something to do with them being on the same web page as my checking and savings accounts at my credit union. Anyone else seen this? Any fixes? Hacks? --Chris

Check on the Accounts tab. They should be shown as Liability in the Class Override column. The column note says you don’t have to do this, but all my accounts are classified on this tab

I assumed they were talking about the Hlo Money email in the networth section.

The accounts tab only impacts your google sheets, not the Tiller console. Or hello money email. ( I could be wrong)

My suggestion would be to contact the actual Tiller customer support.

Claim rated – probable :slight_smile: I looked at my mail updates going back to when the new mail started coming in. One personal loan account had no balance for a long time, so I wasn’t bringing transactions in and that account and it was in the liabilities section, but not on my Accounts page.

Thanks, folks. I had already coded those accounts as liabilities in the Accounts and/or Balance History pages but no affect on Hello Money balance summary. I’ll try Support.


@cjholly welcome :wave:

We don’t have a way to correct the issue where accounts are showing with the incorrect class for Hello, Money. This is set in our database and there isn’t a way to directly modify that right now.

I’d recommend adding a feature request.