Alter Tags Report to show "Full Description" from Transactions page?

On the tags report, how do I show the “Full Description” (Col D) instead of the “Description” (Col C)?
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Hi @stan,

If you only care about the Full Description and no longer need the Description, this is a very simple change.

  1. Unhide the columns beyond column L
  2. In cell N6 under Sheet References, change the value from Description to Full Description

This will change the range in Q6 used for formulas to use the Full Description column instead of the Description column.

Thank you. I was able to “unhide” Col. “N.” It’s entitled, “Account ID.” Cell N6 has numbers that appear to reference a single transaction (payment for a carwash). I apologize. I am new at this and cannot find a way to execute Step #2. I cannot find how to make the required change of Description to Full Description. Thank you in advance. Stan

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I peeked at this, @stan, and @cculber2’s instructions worked for me. Is it possible you have an old version of the Tags Report template? Can you open the Tiller Community Solutions Add-on and use the manage solutions workflow to update or restore the version in your spreadsheet?

Or is it possible you are using a different tags template than the one called Tags Report?

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I do apologize. I undestood the change had to take place on the Transactions Sheet instead of on the Tags Report. It worked and I thank you both. Stan

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Glad to hear it is working now. Thanks for the solution, @cculber2.

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