Description and Full Description Don't Match - Row Disconnect in Foundation

Hello - I keep breaking the alignment between Description and Full Description on the Transactions sheet in Foundations template. I’ve got Full Description in a hidden column with an unchanged header. Several of the rows will be going along just fine, then a mismatch is inserted; the correct full description is now traded with one from a row a few rows away). The only hint is that it seems to happen when the transaction is a check or direct pull from checking at BECU rather than from various credit card institutions. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong with hiding columns or sorting or what? I attached an image below. Thanks.

I’m a new user but been working heavily in the Transactions sheet for the last three days… the only thing I can think of that may cause this is that you may be using Sort Range when you should be using Sort Sheet? Sort Range will re-arrange one column but Sort Sheet will keep the columns locked together.

@RedNell Thank you so much. You led me to the cause. I had applied a filter on some of the columns. I then used that applied filter to SORT. But it only sorts columns which have the filter applied.

Instead I could sort all columns by clicking the down-arrow available when clicking the column letter at the top of a column (not the applied filter symbol). Or I could ensure all columns have the filter applied beforehand. Or I could ‘sort sheet’ as you suggest. Note that an applied filter will filter the whole row, but using it for sort does not.

I appreciate your help with this Google Sheets (not Tiller) question.