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Just wanted to check in and see if you had received any other feedback about the Amazon download files for our order history. This week, for whatever reason, they started to send JSON type files. Do you know of an easy way to get this type of file converted to the proper CSV format for the Upload CSV File workflow to run successfully?

Although I have been able to through various tools been able to supposedly make this conversion successfully, the workflow isn’t recognizing the .CSV file type of my JSON to CSV conversion.


Thanks for your time and any ideas here.


Can you share how we can request the JSON export from Amazon? I’d like to take a look.

Great question, @dbashamjr. Are you referring to a change in the Privacy Central report that has been our go-to for the past year for Amazon order reporting? If not, as @cculber2 suggests, can you share a link on the data source?

The Import CSV Line Items is pretty fussy about the way the data is organized. If the CSV doesn’t look EXACTLY like it expects, it throws up its hands and says the source file is unrecognized. So, I’m not totally surprised that you aren’t able to map the JSON to a recognizable CSV. I don’t think this approach is going to be worth the trouble.

Amazon keeps changing their reporting output. If this is a stable-ish, long-term change from Amazon and I can get my hands on sample data, I’d be willing to look at an update to the import code.

If you are in URGENT need of a solution, you might use one of your JSON-to-CSV mapping tools and try setting up your data mapping in the Simple CSV Import workflow. This workflow takes a little more setup but is more nimble and customizable to your needs.

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Yes, it would appear to be a change in what is provided in the Privacy Central report from Amazon. I didn’t ask for the JSON output, but went about my request for the data as normal with the expectation that I’d receive the .csv file as I had been. The process returned with the JSON file.

However, after running a new request today, using the same process, a .csv file was returned.

May be a trust but verify situation. I am attaching a couple of screen pics to you all don’t believe I’m crazy or looked somewhere other than where I should have. lol

I’ll revisit with you if I get another JSON file. Perhaps it was simply an Amazon hiccup.

Thanks - David

That’s wild, @dbashamjr. Thanks for sharing.

I’ve also started to receive JSON.

Bizarre. If it is a one-off mistake, let’s ignore it. If Amazon seems to have transitioned permanently to the JSON format, I can look into it.

It looks reasonable. data was anonymized

$ cat Retail.OrderHistory.1.json | jq .[3]  
  "Website": "",
  "Order ID": "000-0000000-0000000",
  "Order Date": "2023-00-00T00:00:00.000Z",
  "Currency": "USD",
  "Unit Price": 00.00,
  "Unit Price Tax": 0.00,
  "Shipping Charge": 0,
  "Total Discounts": 0.00,
  "Total Owed": 00.00,
  "Quantity": 1,
  "Product Condition": "New",
  "Payment Instrument Type": "CreditCard - xxxx",
  "Order Status": "Authorized",
  "Shipping Option": "standard-shipping",
  "Shipping Address": "John Doe 1234 Main St Anytown AA 12345-6789 United States",
  "Billing Address": "John Doe 1234 Main St Anytown AA 12345-6789 United States",
  "Product Name": "Generic Product Description; Key Features; Compatible with Generic Brand Only; No Specific Ingredients, Spray or Flame"

Agree. If they stick to that format, it can definitely work. It’s just not clear the change is permanent at this point. Has anyone seen a customer-facing communication about the change?