Line-item CSV Importer Amazon Issue: Subscribe and Save amounts wrong

See images here…amounts imported are wrong…looks like it doesn’t catch the subscribe and save proper total.

That’s an Amazon issue, the CSV importer just works with the data that Amazon exports (you can look at the csv that was exported to confirm that the ‘wrong’ total was in there). There are a number of ways the Amazon export could be improved, but I don’t think Amazon has much incentive to invest time in ‘fixing’ it unfortunately. From my experience, having the Amazon imports is nice to get my budgets close to where they should be, but I’ve learned not to expect them to add up perfectly, there are lots of areas where things are close but not perfect, especially when dealing with subscriptions, gift cards, discounts, etc.

Got it, better than nothing then eh!

Yea, if close enough is good enough, keep em. If down to the penny is necessary, then you can’t rely on it. Wish it was otherwise, but I try to be happy with close enough!

Yes… sorry, @robertgranholm, but it is a garbage-in/garbage-out problem. Unfortunately a lot of the large data-driven companies that we all work in our daily lives with have gotten pretty protective of their immense data sets. In particular, I think they worry that sending robust CSV reports to customers via email gives rival Google an edge in data harvesting through the ubiquitous Gmail.

Rather than offer clean & comprehensive reporting in formats that are useful to their customers, the tech titans now tend to minimize, obfuscate or not offer any reporting at all. (Apple Cash is a example of the third group… how hard would it be to export a report on cash transactions for Apple? so why am I left transcribing the numbers off a tiny screen? :man_shrugging:)

Anyhow, as @jpfieber said, the Line Item Import workflow does its best with the data we have access to. There are some screen-scraping Chrome add-on projects that may provide more comprehensive data but they don’t appear to be in compliance with Amazon ToS and are pretty brittle when Amazon changes is its site in trivial ways.