Announcing Open Banking Support for PNC Accounts

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Today Tiller is pleased to announce open banking support for PNC accounts, with a better customer experience and enhanced privacy and security.

There are a few PNC sites affected by this upgrade, which are listed here.

While you’ve long been able to connect and track PNC accounts with Tiller, the process is now easier with open banking.

Be sure to upgrade your connection by June 8, 2024, following the steps on our Help Center here.

About Open Banking

Open banking connections offer faster, more reliable, and more secure bank feeds to Tiller’s automated personal finance spreadsheets.

That’s because with open banking, you never share any account credentials with Tiller. PNC manages your accounts credentials and protects them with the same level of security used for your financial accounts.

And you remain in control of your financial data, with a transparent view of all your account connections.

More about open banking and Tiller.

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Excellent news!

Unfortunately, after upgrading my PNC connection, which seemed to succeed in all steps, the account still shows as “refreshed 11 days ago” even when I manually refresh it. No new transactions or balances appear in my spreadsheets. When clicking “Refresh” it does show the account and a new balance in the pop-up window, but then when I click the “Save and Close” button, the account does not show as refreshed.

Any ideas?

Hi @rwa thanks for letting me know you were able to get transitioned to the new upgrade open banking connection. It looks like there is a tech error in the background even though it appears to successfully refresh.

I’d recommend trying again over the next few days and if that doesn’t help please reach out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at to file a ticket.

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All is good now with PNC Bank, but when I clicked “Edit Credentials”, it was clear that I was updating the Envestnet|Yodlee connection, nothing about Open Banking. All working well now though! Thanks!

Hello, I updated my PNC credentials today. It has been a few weeks since I last used Tiller, so I saw the prompt, and updated the PNC account like it said too. Everything appeared to go ok. I refreshed my transactions by doing the “Fill Sheets” under the Tiller Money Feeds extension.

However, it has duplicated my PNC Bank transactions. There are now 2 different “Institution” entries, one called PNC Bank, and one called just PNC.

The “PNC” is the updated version, as I do not see any entries for just “PNC” before 3/19/24, and in the Tiller Console it shows “PNC” as the new name for the PNC account.

Has this happened to anyone else, or is this expected?


We have heard other reports of the name changing for PNC after this upgrade and that there may have been duplicates after the initial re-authentication.

If you’re continuing to see new duplicate transactions for those that have occurred after you performed the upgrade steps please reach out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at

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