Issues With Copying And Pasting My Tiller Excel Workbook

Hi Heather,

I like to copy and paste my Tiller foundation template into a blank excel spreadsheet, rename it and slice and dice. I think some or all of the formatting that is used in the foundation template is getting transferred to my new spreadsheet and it is causing me great problems. How can I strip away this formatting so that I can do simple and normal things with my new spreadsheet? For instance, I am finding that my easy sum function doesn’t even work properly.


Ray Barnes

Hi @raybarnesagt be sure to paste your data as values this strip potentially problematic format when you paste into the new sheet. Also please make sure your amounts are formatted as numbers in order for your sum function to work as expected.

Thank you Twalane. How does one paste data as values?

Instead of using the keyboard to paste, try right clicking. There will be some Paste icons to select from. One icon is for Paste Values. It is the icon with the “123” on it.

@raybarnesagt as per @Clint.C 's advice there you can also refer to this Microsoft documentation, there is a table showing you the various icons and what they mean. Thanks @Clint.C !

thank you Clinton…all I can do is try