Anybody else having issues with PNC?

Hi team,

PNC says it’s “blocked” via Tiller, but works on other 3rd party apps at at Last topic on this here was 2021, so re-opening. Anyone else (users, or Tiller team) aware of any issues?

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I was able to download from PNC just a few minutes ago.

I was having issues with several accounts earlier, with a Technical Error, cannot connect to your account. I signed out of the Tiller Console, rebooted my computer, signed back in, and everything started working.

You might give that a try…

I’m having PNC account connection issues now. It hasn’t refreshed since 4/26/'24. It should be connected to PNC checking and credit cards. I tried signing out and restarting but that didn’t work. I get an error saying “Account linking unavailable” and to try again in 4-24 hours.

Is anyone else having similar issues with PNC?


PNC is on the Tiller Institutional Alerts dashboard. That generally means it’s a known outage that they’re working on fixing. The tentative date for resolution is 5/9, though those dates aren’t always accurate (in my experience, sometimes sooner and, unfortunately, sometimes later).

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My PNC account hasn’t refreshed to Tiller in 9 days. I hadn’t updated until yesterday. Called pnc as I had an alert notice on online banking that said something about categorized transactions. They researched it and said it was an issue with Yodalee which is who I believe Tiller uses to connect all of our accounts. I reached out to Tiller via chat but have not heard back yet.

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Is there an update on PNC. The estimated fix date is now 5/14! PNC is my main bank, Tiller is not very useful to me without that feed.


Frustrating for sure, but not much the Tiller folks can do to get Yodlee to fix these issues faster when they crop up. This has been a problem with Yodlee forever. Yodlee appears to be a nightmare of a massive collection of fragile screen scraping scripts. This allows them to support basically anything, at the expense of breaking every time an institution makes a change to the way they serve webpages.

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Whenever this happens (not often thankfully). I just temporarily download transactions to a CSV and then copy/paste them into the Transactions worksheet like I used to before I had Tiller. I highlight them, and when the feed gets fixed I can delete the ones I added manually. It sucks, but I’m not mad at Tiller. I figure it’s just PNC. I think about switching to another bank all the time.

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PNC became part of the Open Banking this morning. You will need to Edit Credentials on the console and authorize it. Here is a link with details. I had also not seen PNC updates in about 11 days, but I followed the steps and it connected and downloaded all my missing data (as well as some duplicates which were easy to clean up.


Thank you for chiming in here @martha.rudkin !

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I am still having issues with PNC. I have followed the instructions and it still will not update. Any insight would be appreciated.

Welcome, @wofford777 :wave:

I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at

The community here really won’t be able to help out much with technical troubleshooting issues like this, but our support team via chat has the resources to investigate and contact our data provider if necessary.