Any Idea What's Going On With PNC?

My BBVA accounts got migrated to PNC in early October but I’ve yet to be able to sync up PNC data. It was listed on the Known Issues sheet with the mysterious “site temporarily unavailable” description, so I assumed this was a temporary issue relating to the migration.

However, that’s over a month ago now and even odder the “Issue Start Date” has been changed from October 11th to November 12th for no obvious reason as there wasn’t any point in between where it was working.

Hi @eoghann,

From what we understand, you should just need to re-add the accounts under the PNC option.

If you’re still having issues with it I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at


Thanks that did the trick.

I had to do a little cleaning up from my manual transaction entries, but the Reconcile Transactions function seems to have taken care of that very effectively.

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