BECU and Tiller have a fight? - NEW: They appear to have reconciled :)

The console makes it look like my BECU accounts updated without error BUT the balances tab says NOPE. No updates.

I went to Add Accounts (this is the only way I know to check connections when you don’t get an ‘edit’ link in the account line but you can see that there was no refresh in the spreadsheet) and filled in my credentials for BECU only to be told there was a technical issue and to come back later. 8 hours later, same story.

Should I be checking elsewhere or another way? (Creds work fine at BECU.Org)

I’m having a similar issue with Ally.

Fwiw, I don’t see BECU on Tiller’s outage tracker. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ohhh I totally forgot to look there. That’s embarrassing. Thanks for the check and sorry about your Ally. It’s a royal PIA.

Something fixed overnight because this morning, after I did my usual Capital One 2FA dance, and a really long processing time, my Tiller account update reported 25 new balances (I only have 14 accounts) and these included BECU so whew.

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