Balance missing for manual account

I have a manual account that is messed up somehow. I can enter a new balance for it, but it isn’t updating on the “Balances” worksheet. Weirdly, I can open the update balances tool and it fills in the proper number for about 3 seconds, but then it erases it.

I would be happy to start over with this account, but not sure how to do it.

Any balances, automatically imported, or manual, reside in the “Balance History” sheet. Not sure what would cause the behavior you’re seeing, but you might try unhiding the Balance History sheet and have a look at the transactions for the account you’re having problems with. Typically it would just be the most recent that you’d be concerned with. Perhaps delete the most recent transaction, then try again with the tool. If you haven’t already, restart your browser, and maybe even restart your computer just to be sure it’s not something quirky with your browser.

I deleted a batch of transactions for that account from the Balance History worksheet and then re-entered the new transaction and this time it seemed to work.

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