Balances Tab with #Ref Error

Hey there,
In the balances sheet, I’m getting an error in the liabilities “Credit Cards” column. It has all the account info for my 6 other cards, but for the last one it says “#REF!” and this is the error it shows when I hover over.

Error Array result was not expanded because it would overwrite data in G16.

Has anyone encountered this before?

You probably have something in cell G16. Deleting the contents of that cell should fix things. There should be no inputs on this tab, it is an export only tab. Blake


By “export only” @Blake means a visualization that’s pulling data from other sheets. It’s not supposed to be edited.

If the recommendation he shared doesn’t help. You can use the Community Solutions (formerly the Tiller Money Labs) add-on to restore the Balances sheet back to a working version.

Cell G16 was the “day of last update” so it needs to have something in there which is autopopulated from somewhere else.

This was fixed by deleting the tab and just adding again from Community Solutions.

Thanks! I forgot that deleting and restoring the Balances sheet is an option! It worked!

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