Account Balance Tab with #REF! Error

Somehow I managed to muck something up. On the Balances tab one of my accounts is showing up with a #REF! error Error Array result was not expanded because it would overwrite data in H16.

While I understand what the error is saying (the result is expanding into another field that would erase the data) I can’t seem to find where I screwed up the data.

Any suggestions where to look?

Seems maybe you typed something in that sheet. The error is suggesting that cell H16 has something in it that isn’t supposed to be there. I’d click on H16 (you might have to unhide that column) and hit delete.

I think @jpfieber’s answer is correct. If you’d prefer, you can restore the Balances template using the Tiller Community Solutions Add-on.

I agree that I somehow messed up that formula. H16 is not hid and it is empty.

Restoring the sheet worked. Thanks!