Best way to track savings goals across multiple accounts (401K, ESPP, Brokerage, etc.)


I’ve searched a bit and have not come up with a solid answer.

I’d like to be able to track a savings goal - say 30%.

My primary savings mechanisms and destinations are HSA, 401K, ESPP, and Brokerage. I tend to max these out at various times throughout the year, so I need something that is not static for the full year. I do make after-tax 401K contributions that roll into a Roth 401K (mega-backdoor Roth) once the 401K is maxed.

I have a predictable base salary, and relatively unpredictable commissions, both in terms of timing and amount. I usually know what the commission payment will be (if any) for the next month about 5-6 weeks ahead of the payment date (end of month).

I tried using the Paycheck Deduction Calculator, but that got complicated very quickly with all the various taxes and deductions.

Is there something more purpose built for this? Automated would be fantastic, but I am currently budgeting based off of net income, which does not include HSA, 401K, nor ESPP contributions. It does, however, include brokerage contributions. This is why it is a bit complicated and I am having a tough time figuring out how to automate it.

If not, I am fine entering some manual figures each month. I am certain I could build a very simple spreadsheeet to accomplish this - I am just hoping there is something more integrated into Tiller at this point.


I’m not totally sure I understand, @Brady… are you saying that you want save 30% of your income and track the transfers to your savings as a percentage of income across multiple accounts? If yes, I’d consider making a discrete Transfer-type category (e.g. “Savings Transfer”) and then create a simple formula to sum all transfers to related accounts.

Hey Randy,

This is the direction I was going - good to know you recommend the same approach.