Monthly Savings Rate

One big gap in my Tiller money workflow is my inability to automatically track my savings rate month-by-month. This number is a fundamental piece to our financial puzzle and changes to some degree each and every month, but I do have a goal % I’d like to hit and make sure I’m hitting said percentage. I can’t seem to find a template/community sheet that does this for me.

Do any other members here have a suggestion?

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I would imagine you’d need to create a script to scrape a web page to get the rate, which could be tricky if it’s hidden behind a login. Scraping is also always problematic as it’ll likely break every time they make changes to their website layout.

Hi @jacob80, Do you mean the rate of your own savings efforts, i.e. how much you have left from income after subtracting all expenses in a given month on a percentage basis? It seems like you could take one of the existing Profit and Loss templates and calculate the percentage in a free row in one of those templates. Someone has mentioned a solution like this in the linked post and they also discuss some other ideas like using a savings category. Maybe that would help spur some ideas.

I think @KyleT’s suggestion to add a row and formula to the P&L or Monthly Budget templates sounds like a great solution.

This is more what I’m after yes. I have specific categories I track my saving amount with (ex: 401k Contribution, HSA contribution, Emergency Savings contribution, etc). I sum these amounts and divide that by our gross income and that’s a rough estimate of our savings rate. I’ll take a peek at this post and see if this gets me there. Thank you!

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I do this with a Tags Report. All “income” and “savings” are tagged as such. I also separately tag “gross income” and “net income” so I can get savings rate as a % of each.