Broken Formulas

I am a new user. I love spreadsheets and am attracted by the potential of Tiller however, it is taking me a lot of time to get up and running. I am chasing down most issues, but I think I have broken hidden formulas in my monthly Budget as I have 2 “#REF!” sympols in my Budget and Available columns

What’s the error message when hovering the mouse over the BUDGET-INCOME #REF cell?

Maybe there’s something wrong with the Categories sheet. Renaming the Categories sheet could cause problems, even if the end result is a sheet with a Categories name.

The message says “Array result was not expanded because it would overwrite data in F29” The data in F29 is $369.89 and I’m not sure what that is referring to.

Delete the data in cell F29. It likely means you have entered some data there, but the INCOME row uses ARRAYFORMULA’s that require full access to the column, otherwise you’ll get the #REF error and ARRAYFORMULA won’t fill any data. Many of the reports are view only and not expecting users to enter data into them.

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