Budget Cell - "This cell is inconsistent with the column formula."

Hello all,
I’m new to Tiller. When I enter an amount for a budget on my Categories Sheet, I get a symbol that says “This cell is inconsistent with the column formula.” Has anyone else experienced this? I checked formatting for those cells. They are currency, with 2 decimals. I only enter numbers, no commas. I’m not sure why I’m getting that message. Not even sure what it means. :slight_smile: Thanks for your input.

The Categories sheet comes pre-populated with formulas that copy the values you enter for the first month (column E) to the rest of the months. If you overwrite the formula in those cells (they appear as $0), you’ll see the error, which you can ignore.

Hi rhowell, So, my categories all contain $0. I enter a number, say 975. The error shows up, but you say I can just ignore it. There is no real problem. Is that correct?

That’s correct. If you want to clear the error, and you don’t need values that you’ve entered for the first month to populate into the remaining months, you can delete the formulas in the cells that show $0.