Can I have a running total column in the transactions tab?

I’ve looked through the message boards but couldn’t find anything. I believe I saw a conversation from several years ago regarding this but there was never really a resolution.

I feel like it would make a lot of sense to be able to see a running total for account X alongside each transaction, and I don’t believe this would be hard to implement. If you have an accurate starting balance of $1000, then you spend $300, the running total column would show $700. Then you gain $50 and it shows $750. (We all know how math works).

Is this something that could be implemented, either into the template or manually? I’m using google sheets, if that’s relevant.


How would this be different than the Balances sheet? Or do you just really want it to be on your Transactions sheet?

Because the Transactions sheet holds multiple accounts, a running total wouldn’t make sense. Also, the Transactions sheet wouldn’t be aware of a ‘starting balance’ for each account, it could only start from 0.
You can use something like my Account Register - Google Sheets to select which account and get a running total. Note that it requires first setting up the Account Reconciliation sheet so it knows the starting balance, and that all the transactions are healthy.