Adding columns to Transactions Tab

I have like 40 accounts. Lots of these are brokerage accounts that I’ve opened and transactions are often happening in them. I have lots of credit cards, bank accounts, etc that daily transactions happen in. I’d love a way to be able to select all non-brokerage accounts. The brokerage accounts often have dividends, transfers, stock purchases, etc. What I want is a view of just transactions I’ve made on a day to day basis using my credit cards so I can easily categorize without the noise of all the transactions happening in my brokerage accounts. Is there a way to flag this? I could easily add a column, and do a conditional based off of the Account column, but I’m not sure if this will mess up any macros that come with the Tiller add on. Does anyone know?

Hi @tiller-rob - I’ve added numerous columns to my transactions sheets without any major issues. I think you’d want to make your column name unique to avoid interfering with standard names that Tiller uses when filling the sheet, like using something like myAccountID or myAccountGroup.

However, I thought of two other suggestions.

  1. If you have a significant number of accounts and assuming that you haven’t used up your allotment of 5 sheets, you could separate investment accounts and cashflow accounts into separate Tiller sheets. Just a thought.

  2. What you’re describing is what I use the “Group” field in the Accounts tab for. You can see for example in the Balances sheet that Tiller organizes the balances by this account group for that specific report. You could match and populate that Group field in the transactions sheet if you were so inclined to see it there, for instance if you wanted to apply a filter to your transactions sheet against that field. However, it’s not necessary to have it there in order to report against it. For example, in a separate sheet you could run a QUERY function that matches up the transaction with the account grouping based on the account and view just the account groups that you were interested in. I’m not sure if there are any reports besides Balances that use it, but some others in the community could probably chime in on that.

I do see that you are interested in using it as a way to filter out the noise in your transactions sheet, so if you wanted to add the Group column to your transactions sheet as a way to do that, I did find a help article that you might find to be useful on adding that.

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Interesting. Thanks for your reply! I would like to keep it all in one place so that I can get an accurate net worth view. That article is great, and so was your suggestion to use the Groups from the Balances page. I ended up getting it to work by following the help article, and adapting it to my needs, so now I can just filter by unchecking brokerage in order to see my cash flow and check transactions. This was my first time posting to the Tiller community. Amazing to get such a detailed answer with the proper solution to the use case. THANK YOU!


On the ‘Categories’ tab you can select ‘Hide from Reports’ for the transactions you want to ignore. This will exclude those from all of the other sheets.