Add Columns to Accounts Tab?

Is it possible to add columns to the Accounts tab without screwing up the feed?
I want to add User Names and Passwords for the associated accounts.


Good question, @chris.larson1967. We have labored to make all solutions responsive to changes (like column additions). There is a good chance your spreadsheet will be fine if you add a few columns to Accounts. That said, spreadsheets are complicated beasts and it is hard to anticipate all interactions.

I recommend you make your changes and then immediately inspect some of the downstream sheets (those that feed off Accounts) for any issues. I’d pay particular attention to:

  • Quick Insights
  • Balances
  • Net Worth
  • Debt Progess
  • Business Dashboard

Just undo your change if anything looks wonky… or you can try your hand at reworking the formulas. :wink:

Good luck,

This solution is a “no go”.
Anyway, The versatility of the dashboard is important to me and being able to see valuable things like Assets and Liabilities are fantastic.

Value adds are features like the Zillow API to incorporate home value into net worth.

Additional API features for household finances that would lend well to the Tiller Dashboard are Credit scores from the big3, Experian, Transunion, and Equifax.

I check these monthly which is helpful because they have reported errors several times.

This is out of my league, but your team could evaluate its need through a poll and if enough folks show interest, could develop the code like you did for Zillow.

thanks for your help.


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Can you explain what you mean by:

This solution is a “no go”.

Did you try to add the column and it didn’t work?

I like your suggestions about tracking credit scores.
We will think on that as we consider our product road map.


For sure.
After adding 2 columns at Column D & E, one named User Name and the Other named Password, I added some data then expanded

the tiller hardcode areas Column X-AU and the addition of the columns causes and error in columns AI:AU due to the formula in cell AI7 =UNIQUE({B7:L;N7:X})

So I just control Z’d my way back out. I don’t want to screw anything up on the account sheet, it is very sensitive to changes.


Chris, I highly recommend you not store your passwords in cleartext on the Tiller spreadsheet. You should use a password manager such as LastPass, 1Password, or Dashlane.

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I will second that.

BTW - I have used LastPass for years and I really like it. They have a free version. I am currently tracking 300 items in LastPass. It has a family sharing component too. I would give it a try.

Thanks, Ill check it out. I haven’t had any problems keeping it here for several years now, but I agree with your assessment.

I third that recommendation not to store credentials in the sheet.

The password problem is the worst part of computers. Not only the quantity, but they also change often and across devices. …There has to be a better way…rant over.

Try a password manager like LastPass. If you invest time on the front end learning it and setting it up, I think you will see huge dividends over time. I did.

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I second (or third?) the suggestion to use LastPass. And I would add that it’s also part of my estate plan, as I have the premium version which allows me to delegate “Emergency Access” to someone with all of my passwords in case of death or other reason. This is now a huge issue for people trying to manage someone else’s affairs, although of course it would need to be someone you trust completely.

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LastPass has a less robust Emergency Access that is a part of their free version as well as some sharing abilities among other family members.

A huge part of Estate Planning these days is Digital Assets. See this for further discussion:

I am dealing with this first hand as my 83 year old father passed away a few weeks ago. I am going through his iphone and ipad and making decisions with other family members regarding what the do with pictures, videos, emails, voice mails, texts, contacts, online accounts, etc.

@Kathryn is very wise. I have been thinking about this for awhile now. It has been on my To Do List too long. I am now moving it to the top of the list. Thanks @Kathryn

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