Balance on transactions sheet

How can I add balances to the transactions sheet? For instance, on the transactions sheet I would like to have a column with the running balance right beside the transactions with the current balance after that traction.
Is this something I can do manual, or is there a add on?

I am not sure why the feature is not part of transactions sheet. It would very useful for always failed balance and balance history that never update to correct balance!

Hi @bynon7262,
Each transaction row uses different accounts. When using running balances, that’s usually the running balance of a specific account. But the transactions sheet has multiple accounts, so I’m not sure how that would work.

Or are you just looking for the running balance for all transactions no matter what account they are coming from.

Perhaps you could share a little bit of information on this use case or what your goal is of getting this information?



Not the original author, but did have the same question. I am only using the transactions sheet for my primary checking account and would like to see my account balance after each transaction. Is that something that can be done in the Foundation template?

Just for a little more information, I would only be using this for one account. Thanks!

Hi @ocarranza and @bynon7262,
Would a solution work if there was a separate sheet where you could see all the transactions for the one account with a running balance? Or, is it important to you that you see the running total on the Transactions sheet?

There is a formula you could add to a new Column in the Transactions sheet that would create a running total from the top of the sheet to the bottom. Since the Transactions sheet gets sorted in reverse chronological order (newest on top), the formula is a bit backwards. However, if you re-sort the sheet, keeping row 1 on top and the oldest transactions under that, it would work.

The formula for the top row of the new column would be:

={"Running Balance";ArrayFormula(If(len(E2:E),(SUMIF(ROW(E2:E),"<="&ROW(E2:E),E2:E)+0),))}

The formula assumes that the Amounts are in Column E. If not, change the E’s to the new Amount Column letter.

Also, in place of +0 a the end of the formula, you would need to add your starting balance of the account, if it wasn’t zero.

You could also make a new sheet that included your transaction information, but sort it by date chronologically. Then use a similar formula for a running balance column.


Hello, getting into this conversation if okay. A running balance sheet would be awesome. As a user coming off of Quicken where you had the Recurring Transactions we relied on the Balance column to assist with that. Could you not expand on the Lab item “Account Filter” and incorporate a running balance there? Just my two cents. Thanks.

Trying to use this but keep getting missing parenthesis?

Hi @cgoneal,
There was an extra parenthesis at the end of the formula above. It should be:

={“Running Balance”;ArrayFormula(If(len(E2:E),(SUMIF(ROW(E2:E),"<="&ROW(E2:E),E2:E)+0),))}

I’m going to update the formula in the original post above some others won’t have this issue.

Let us know if the new formula works for you.