What is the best way to show starting balance in transactions such that totaling the amount column shows me my full balance

I linked a Google Sheet and imported all of my transactions from November to today. I deleted all transactions before 1/1 because I only want to start from this year.

I want to add my starting balance on 1/1 to the transaction sheet. The idea being, if I sum the Amount column, it should show me exactly how much money I have on-hand right now.

So if I started with $100 and made a $5 transaction, then there would be one row for $100 and one for -$5 and adding the two rows would show $95.

Can I just add a transaction manually?

Yes, you can do that. I think I did that as well where I had one transaction with the previous statement balance from before Tiller downloaded data.
But you can also get your balances from the Balance sheet which comes from the bank and is independent of transactions.

You may also like @jpfieber’s account register and account reconciliation sheets, the register gives a running balance for each account that has been reconciled in the account reconciliation sheet

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