Can Tiller connect to Canadian banks and credit cards?

Can Tiller connect to Canadian banks and credit cards? Thanks

I believe Tiller only works with US banks at the moment.

Tiller will work with most Canadian banks.

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I have accounts at Desjardins Bank, one of the smaller Canadian credit unions doing business primarily in Quebec. I’ve had Tiller connected for several years

Tiller works as expected here, the experience being comparable to that of US banks. Occasional connection issues, hiccups when 2fa protocols change, etc.

To manage the currency difference, I keep a separate Tiller workbook for the CA accounts. I’ve added a sheet that logs the exchange rates for USD/CAD via a GoogleFinance function, and a column to the Transaction sheet that converts transaction values for comparative purposes.

I was never able to get a credit card issued in Canada, due to the lack of a social insurance number. Have you found otherwise?

Thanks! I am Canadian but have worked in US too, so have cards and accounts on both sides of border.

Does Vancity, a small BC credit union, appear on the list?

Its institution code is 809

Sometimes appears as “Vancouver City Savings Credit Union” or “Central 1 Credit Union”.

Wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t. It sometimes doesn’t appear on Canadian bank/gov epay/direct debit lists.

Try searching for both or others in the supported institution list found within this link.

Impressive, Tiller has Vancity! Thanks :grin:

Vancity (Personal)
Vancity (Visa Account)
Vancity Business Banking

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I have an account at VanCity (Personal) (which is what it is called now) which used to sync perfectly for quite a while.
Unfortunately, VanCity has not synced for over 3 months. According to Tiller, it’s not a high priority bank for Yodlee (Tiller’s integrator) I don’t like entering accounts manually, so I’ve pretty much given up on them. I now use YNAB, as their “restrictive” rules make perfect sense for me and work great for me. Envelope budgeting is something Tiller is pretty weak on. Incidentally, VanCity syncs perfectly for me using YNAB. I do miss the great spreadsheet I built with Google Sheets and Tiller, but the ease and reliability of YNAB is letting budgeting not be the focus of my life as it tends to be with finicky, complicated Google sheets and bank accounts that won’t sync.

I didn’t try VanCity (Personal) or Vancity Business Banking but the Vancity (Visa Account) connection worked fine and returned data as expected.