Can we automatically download investment securities/holdings (from vanguard, fidelity, schwab, etc) like this screenshot?


I have researched and there are bits and pieces of the answer in these discussions, but the full answer is not clear.

Can Tiller pull/download all individual assets per an account (say from Vanguard)?

Specifically can it provide the data in this screenshot from Quicken Classic for Mac? Security, shares ? The totals and data I could create if needed.

The great thing about Tiller is it pulling all data into a single place and then people can analyze and manipulate it however they like. However its not clear to me if this data is available in Tiller’s feed? I do know that this data can at least technically made available given the example I provided. I have too many accounts to manually update.

Thank you for insights!

Nope. Tiller cannot download individual holdings. Tiller is great for many things, but it is not a great automated investment tracker.

Thanks for the answer!

Any idea why this is the case that Tiller can’t populate a Google sheet with holdings? Is it a limitation of the feed Yodlee provides?

I started digging around to figure out the Yodlee api and developer sandbox, but that will take some time.

I’m going to start working on a ‘template’ which takes the Vanguard CSV export and converts it to provide the data shown above. If anyone else is interested in it I’ll make it generic, add annotations and share it :slight_smile:

I don’t know for sure, but I would guess that it’s either (a) a limitation of the Yodlee feed or (b) possible to get from Yodlee, but Tiller hasn’t figured out how to manage that data yet once it flows into Tiller.