Cash Balance for Investment Accounts

I’m a new user so feel free to file this if it is already implemented or overly asked.

Does Tiller download the cash balance of an investment account? I’m making my own sheet to track my predicted balance, but need to have the cleared cash balance as an input and it appears that Tiller only downloads the days total balance summed with the days security values, which isn’t really useful except for making a history.


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Welcome, @wilhar :wave:

The Balance that we pull is usually whatever balance is displayed on the website for the account at the account summary level. E.g. when you log in and you see your list of accounts at the institution and it shows you your account balance, that’s what we’d pull.

The exceptions are with investments where there is a vested/unvested balance - this can vary by institution.

I’m not sure if that helps, but hopefully it does.

Thanks for the quick response @heather. For my institution the balance that is downloaded is the sum of the cash todays value of the securities, so I’m unable to download just the cash balance.

Like some, I utilize an investment account as a checking account and carry both cash and investments in the same account. I’m cool with tracking the investments separately, but the would like to be able to download the cash balance of the account without the sum of the investments.

Recommend adding this to the feature request.

We can check if that institution has an integration built out for cash account types. If so, then our support team can troubleshoot the issue since we would expect our feeds to be able to pick up both amounts.

I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at so we can look at your connections a little closer to see if this is doable or not.

This is my issue also. It keeps me from utilizing Tiller. Somehow we need to be able to split cash from investment balances in a single investment account.

Thanks for the feedback, @mark5553.