Investment tracking

I’ve tried searching how to do this, but don’t see anything recent, and am hoping that there is a community solution!

I am very interested in switching to Tiller (using Excel), but what’s holding me back is the ability to track investments. I’m hoping to have a view of my investment holdings, including my cost for the investments, current valuation, gain, etc., and be able to calculate IRR on any group of securities. (i.e. be able to track purchases and sales of multiple securities within an investment account, and then view all my security holdings across all accounts, and calculate returns for any account, group of accounts, or group of securities across accounts).

Is this possible in Tiller via the Excel sheets, and any suggestions for best way to do it today?

Thanks for any advice or links!

Thanks for trying Tiller, @dsm.

We hope to add feeds for investment accounts with the reporting you describe. (In fact, we’ve experimented with this in the past but found that Yodlee’s investment reporting wasn’t quite ready for what we had envisioned… so we set that project down for a while.)

At this point, unfortunately, you’ll probably want to use the manual-account tools and then enrich the data, possibly in the Balance History sheet, with some of the investment data you mention.

I hope some other community members have additional ideas… :ear:

Looks like folks don’t/can’t use Tiller for tracking investments?

I’ve also been hoping for a good way to do this. As far as I’ve found, the best option with Google Sheets is this community solution: Investment Returns (Monthly, Annual, Total, XIRR)!. It is a bit hefty though - any change to my data takes ~60 seconds to recalculate in the returns sheet. It is probably not Excel compatible.

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Thanks. I did see that, but also assumed that it won’t work easily with the Excel sheets. Is there anything comparable that works with Excel?

Thanks for the shout out for the Investment Returns Google Sheet.

It is not Excel compatible but probably wouldn’t take a ton of effort for someone with Excel expertise. However, that’s not me. I think you should only need to change the data import cells to whatever Excel uses.

Yes, it’s processor intensive. I’m sure it could be more optimized, but haven’t spent the time. It’s calculating a bunch of stuff. I keep it as an open tab in my browser so it’s pretty much always up to date and once it’s set I up, I don’t change it much at all.

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I hadn’t seen your investment show & tell @Cowboy13, super cool! I love how these threads are a discovery channel for the awesome things our community builds :slight_smile:

@dsm we don’t have too much in the way of investment tracking at this level for Excel built out in the community just yet. The only one that comes to mind is the Retirement Planning for Excel Retirement Planner Template (Excel) but like I said, it’s not the granular view you may want.

I’m new to tiller, I would love to use this tool. Currently it only shows read only. How do I get a copy of this template with my data?

Welcome to Tiller. Copy the template to your Google Drive and you can then edit it.

Good luck.


:wave:, @dsm

Did any of these suggestions help? If so, please mark one as the solution.

Hi. I found this thread as I am new to Tiller, coming from Mint, and am using Excel sheets. In Mint I had our investment account information brought in. Here in Tiller I like just looking at my actual income/expenses without all the investment buys/sells cluttering the picture, since they don’t impact my daily life. So, I was wondering, could I create a separate Excel worksheet for JUST my investment account information? I’d still like to see it, but not with everything else.

My sense is that setting up a separate sheet solely for investment accounts is a common approach for folks who don’t want their day-to-day spending transactions cluttered with lots of investment transactions. So, yes.

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If you pull in your investment transactions and balances into your main tiller sheet (which I do), you can do simple investment return calculations in you main Tiller workbook. However, for anything more complex, I agree with @dmetiller - make them separate workbooks (or spreadsheets).

You can also add a filter to your Transactions sheet and filter the investment transactions out of view: Filtering & Sorting Data in Google Sheets | Tiller Help Center

Thanks Morgan, but I’m using Excel.

Sorry I missed that! The steps are pretty similar in both platforms: Filtering & Sorting Data in Microsoft Excel Workbooks | Tiller Help Center