Portfolio Tracker Input

I am looking at the Portfolio Tracker Add-On. Do I understand the you have to manually put in the Symbol for the investment you want to track and also the number of shares? And that you have to reenter the number of shares each time that changes?

  • Does this sheet keep a history based on the number of shares at various points in the past?

  • It seems like this will be a lot of work if for example you have a mutual fund in which dividends are automatically reinvested.

Hopefully I’m missing something that someone can explain to me.

Please see my post here:

I have not heard back from Tiller.

The Portfolio Tracker was simple and basic, not sophisticated like you are looking for. I created my own which I show in my post.



I use Position History in my Tiller Feed Bot sheets and it works quite well. But they tell me it is not available for the new version at this time. Hopefully they will make it available soon.

I never really used the Net Worth Tracker sheet that much which I believe you are referring to.

At the bottom here they refer to Position History:

When you click the Learn More button at the very end you get this:


It is clear they are not advertising it anymore.

When I tried it 9 months ago it would not link up with my Fidelity accounts which I found bizarre and I did not really get a good reason why from Tiller so I abandoned further effort.

I digress…

On the topic of portfolios, investments, position tracking, etc., Tiller should definitely not be the only tool in your financial toolbox. You need tools offering much deeper analysis and sophistication that are all outside of Tiller’s wheelhouse (no disrespect intended). Below I provide a link to a folder showing seven tools and a tiny bit of the analysis they can perform. Since most of the analysis contains personal numerical data, please do not share outside of the community. They are Fidelity, Maxifi Planner, Mint, Morningstar, New Retirement Planner, Personal Capital, and Yahoo. I have all these tools, including many others, in my financial toolbox.


If you like this forum, I guarantee you will love the Bogleheads forum which deals with personal investments, investing, personal finance, personal consumer issues, education, etc. See the links below.

Bogleheads wiki…


Bogleheads forum…


Information overload, I know, but if you are not constantly learning and moving forward you will be left behind.

…digression now over.



Hi @edmwelch,

The “Portfolio Tracker,” as referenced in this help article, is not a part of any add-on, but maybe you’re using that term broadly :wink:

Secondly, it is a manual workflow at this time.

As you know, we do not yet have Position History available for Tiller Money Feeds powered sheets.


This may be true but I think Tiller has the potential to be a pretty good tool for keeping track of investments. I would like to see them realize that potential.

Yes, I think Tiller has huge potential. Tracking is one thing. Deeper analysis is something different. I do not believe that is the direction they are heading in.


As Blake points out that there is a broken link on the “Getting Started with the Net Worth Tracker” page. You might want to delete the last paragraph. I would also point out that the video at the top of that page clearly needs editing. I hope you don’t find me overly critical. I’m just trying to be helpful.

Related to this discussion, Google Sheets offers a way to pull in financial quotes using the =GOOGLEFINANCE() function.

More info here:

While the stock quote information is pretty good, I’ve discovered the mutual fund quotes are not always up-to-date. Even at 6pm ET, when mutual fund prices have been updated for the day, GOOGLEFINANCE() quotes are showing the prior day’s close.

For the Feed Bot version of Tiller, Position History provides the Quantity and Value (from which you can calculate price) for each of your stocks or funds on a daily basis. I am sure that Heather is tired of hearing me say this but I hope others might join me in urging them to make this available in the new version of Tiller.

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Not tired of it! :slight_smile: Believe me you’re not the only one and we will get to this (hopefully this year!).

It looks like you added the feature request, but it has no votes. Make sure you vote for it!