Investments Tracker


Hi, I see some old topics about tracking investments value over time, has anyone created a how to on this? Seems like it is kind of a homebrew type of thing that people have done.

I also see that there was discussion ab0out this as a template but that was a couple of years back and I don’t see anything in the community templates or the Tiller ones.


Welcome @salem74792 :wave:

Are you looking for holdings type investment tracking? Or just net worth/balance tracking?

We don’t offer a holding detail level feed right now. We have a private beta for holdings, but we’re not opening it more broadly and have paused on development for it.

Any reason why development has paused? This functionality would be extremely useful for lots of people. If needed you could even add a paid tier level to support it?

Welcome @rossennen, :wave:

We’re just a super small team and after the initial findings of the beta we found that the necessary next step to make it viable as a premium feature was a really big lift and not something we could take on right now. Other opportunities arose that we need to shift to focusing our energy on. We will pick it back up and it will end up being a tiered product.

Thanks Heather, I did figure out a way to do it, it’s not as nice looking and easy as yours would be but it gives you an idea. I had no clue that Google Sheets can go and get stock quotes, that is so cool!