Tracking private investments in an LLC

Hi all, I’m new here, and so far loving it.

I’ve searched the archives and haven’t found this yet - or not exactly.
I make investments in private LLCs (venture capital if you must know, but some are real estate too). I have a wealth manager, but he only tracks his investments, not the ones I personally make, so I’m trying to have a more holistic view of my finances.

Anyway - I’m trying to figure out the best way to track private investments. For clarity, these investments usually do a capital call (I write a check) between 1-4x per year for a certain number of years, and then pray that they return more than I’ve invested. I’d like to be able to see a report of all transactions in and out of that investment vehicle, so that when I get the annual K1, I can confirm what they say is true AND when the whole thing is said and done, I can see how I’ve done on that particular investment.

I was thinking of doing it this way:

  1. Set up each investment as a manual account, label it as asset/investment.
  2. Any cash investment is coded as a transfer on both sides of the transaction (with a name the same as the manual account - will that mess it up?).
  3. Any cash in would be also coded as a transfer, until I start to get close to 1x, and then spilt the transaction when it hits 1x, then anything over that is recorded as income (let’s hear it for long term cap gains).
  4. Where I’m getting stuck - how can I see all the transactions for that account? Just simply filter the transactions tab by account? It would be cool if there were a tab where I could set the date range, filter by account and see totals for that date range. Does this exist and I just haven’t found it yet?

Am I thinking about this the right way?

Also - I need a class in tiller spreadsheet scripts and formulas. THAT would be awesome, because I don’t mind tinkering around making this stuff on my own but I don’t know where to start. I know my way around basic spreadsheet functions but as soon as we hit vlookups and pivot tables, I am curious but incompetent.

Welcome, @nicoleg! We are happy you’ve found Tiller and are appreciating the community.

I think you’re on the right track. A few thoughts…

  • Manual accounts are the way to go for any accounts that won’t connect through your Tiller subscription. This is almost always the case with investments and real estate.
  • Manual accounts will roll into your Balances sheet and can be included in the Net Worth template if you use that.
  • The manual accounts presumably do not need to be updated THAT often… just when you get a statement… so it shouldn’t create too much extra work.
  • I think a “transfer” is the right type, but not the right category. I’d consider consider creating a new category that is a (custom) transfer type with an appropriate group and category name for this kind of investments. You don’t even need to hide these. This will allow them to be non-cashflow-affecting but will let you easily and discretely pull them in for any reporting.
  • I think I understand what you are trying to do with the split logic, but couldn’t you keep that simpler by just summing the custom equity-transfer-inflows by account and then comparing that to the last available balance when you’re ready to report? I’m not sure you NEED to discretely identify repayment of investment and dividends every time you get a check.
  • Regarding your getting-stuck point, I think the custom transfer category solves this problem and you can create some simple reporting that queries those categories discretely by account.

Hope this helps.