Where did the investment tracker go?

Trying to move my existing sheets to “privately” own sheets, but I can’t find the template for my investments.

My current sheet has Position History and Transactions apart from Balance History. I want the first two so that I can calculate my IRR for all my investments. Haven’t started this as its a lot to handle and want to read more, but I want to first get everything in one place.


I am not sure I fully understand but this might be helpful.

I seem to remember a Position History tab but when I search the help center it says it has been removed. @heather ?

I remember trying it but it did not work that well. Maybe that is why it is gone. Not sure.

I developed a homemade tab to track my investment positions. Here are the first few rows.

Maybe it might be helpful. I organize by account, then by position in each account, then by position over all my accounts. I like column I so I can see my paper gain/loss.

This pretty much gets updated in real time throughout the trading day.



Hi @mar5,

We don’t yet have Position History support for sheets powered by Tiller Money Feeds (it’s a different API). We intend to build out the support for it again, but I don’t have a timeline at this point.

If you’re dependent on the Position History sheet I’d recommend just sticking with what you’re currently using rather than switching at this time.


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For your homemade version do you have to manually enter the positions? I prefer the automated version of this, but I am ok with sticking with the current setup given @heather’s response. I haven’t had much time to spend on this given other things I am working on but once I get back to creating my investment dashboard I will take a look at your table you have!

Thanks again!

Yes, I need to manually enter the positions. Blake

Vote for the feature request over here, @mar5!