Can you combine the Tiller Template with Community Solutions sheets?

I’ve looked all around and can’t find the answer to this question, so I’ll ask. If I start off using the Tiller Template using Excel, can I import a community solutions spreadsheet for Savings and yet another community solutions spreadsheet for debt payoff?

I just started using Tiller, so I haven’t figured out fully how to pull MY budget spreadsheet into everything else and still keep everything intact and not broken.

My spreadsheet has incoming paychecks for both hubby and I; outgoing credit and loan payments; a budget for bi-annual, annual, quarterly, and monthly payments; daily living, pet, and medical expenses; as well as savings accounts and retirement accounts. and seeing it ALLLLLL in one place is a bit overwhelming!

Also, when filling in the budgeting information on the categories sheet, should budgeted expenses be entered as positive or negative numbers?

Typically you would be starting with the Tiller Foundation template, then copying sheets from community solutions into your Foundation template. As long as the shared template is meant to work with the Foundation template, that’s usually the process. Each shared template should include instruction, which often have extra steps to be sure the formulas point to the new file they’ve been copied to instead of the old one they came from.

Thank you - I don’t want to break any formulas, that’s why I wanted to ask since I couldn’t find anything with that verbiage in my search :smiley:

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