Where are all the templates?

Hello! I’m super new to Tiller and I am having a really hard time finding where I can access spreadsheet templates to add to my Tiller Foundation package. I’ve done the following:

  1. Started my Tiller Foundation package
  2. Connected to all of my accounts
  3. Started Auto-Categorizing
  4. Added the Tiller Money Add-On

I’ve read a few articles. It keeps linking to the marketing page on Tiller saying, “Start Your Free Trial”. I just want to know where I can find a library of Spreadsheet Templates. Please help! If I can’t find it, I’m canceling my Tiller account since it’s way too hard to find something as simple as a template.

Most are available through the “Tiller Community Solutions” extension. Go to your “Extensions” menu to “Tiller Community Solutions” , then to “Solutions” and finally “Add a solution”.

Ok, when I go there and click on “Tiller Communith Solutions”, the only option available is “Help”. Is that what I’m supposed to see?

No, there should be lots of options there. Are you signed into the “Tiller Money Feeds”? It’s also under the Extensions menu. If you’re signed in, you should see “Fill Sheets” and “Open Sidebar” options under the “Tiller Money Feeds” menu option under Extensions.

Hi @ninarosete You will need to add the extension for Tiller Community Solutions. Goto Extensions > Add-ons > Get add-ons. Search for “Tiller” and you should find the Community Solutions add-on to install.

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Yes, I eventually uninstalled then reinstalled and now it works. Thank you!

A few users seem to have had similar issues. I’m glad you got it fixed, @ninarosete.
Welcome to Tiller!