Can't remove template after successful use

Hi folks. I downloaded the Envelope Budgeting Starter Sheet and after a couple misstarts, successfully got envelope budgeting working, so of course I now have my own sheet with my budget info. But the template stuck around, and unlike any other Google Sheets item “shared with me”, the “remove” option is grayed out. This option wouldn’t delete it of course, since I don’t own it, but would remove it from view. This may not be Tiller specific; maybe somehow I flipped a bit I shouldn’t have, but I can’t see anything I can change - any ideas?

Not sure about the Drive issue, that’s kind of odd. I don’t think I’ve had templates I’ve opened from others show up anywhere except in Recent unless I saved a copy. :thinking:

I did want to point out this other sheet though: Add the Savings Budget (Prototype) sheet

It will be effectively replacing the Envelope Budget sheet soon. There’s a migration workflow but if you’re just getting started and you’re comfortable with using something that may not be totally finished it might be easier to skip to it.

Thanks. I will look at the new one. I am currently using both the Envelope and the Foundation Template for budgeting as an experiment to see which meets my needs better. I note that the Savings Budget has “greater” Foundation Template compatibility - does that mean that if I install it, it will grab my existing budget amounts?

Yes! You can install the Savings Budget into the same sheet that you’ve already setup for Foundation. It uses the same “core” sheets so they can work together. The reason that the Envelope Budget is incompatible with the Foundation is that it uses a different format for the Categories sheet.

Hey @michael303,

What @aronos is saying is all spot on. The Savings Budget is definitely worth a look and it is fully compatible with the Foundation Template. It references the same budgets in your Categories sheet as your Monthly & Yearly Budgets do. And you can run the Savings Budget concurrently (i.e. with the Monthly Budget) in the same sheet.

At this point, I highly recommend this path rather than the envelope budget as our team can better support the new tool. The Envelope Budget is great but is overdue for an update that aligns it to our current best practices.

Just keep in mind that if you run the budgets concurrently in your Foundation Template, any change to one budget affects both— they are not independent tests…

Good luck.