Moving from Envelope Budget to Savings Budget in 2021

I am totally loss. I have put into every search place and found nothing on updating the spreadsheet to 2021. I am also thinking about going from envelop budget to a saving budget.
I am not a good google spreadsheet user, so I really need some detail instructions. I would like to make a copy of my current spreadsheet so if I mess something up I have a back up.
Any help

:wave: @walchlic!

If you’d like to transition to using the Savings Budget you’ll want to start fresh in a Foundation Template for Google Sheets and let go of your Envelope Budget.

Here’s a quick guide on getting data into the Foundation template and then from there you can install the Savings Budget using the Tiller Money Labs add-on.

Otherwise, the Envelope Budget tool will keep adding new months into 2021 and you don’t need to do anything.


So I did this… renamed the spreadsheet, linked it to my accounts. I had intended that 2019 (with the old Envelope budget) be archived. But I am still getting transaction feed to the 2019 Tiller sheet. How do I unlink it? And is that the best way to archive each year?


Did you get an answer back to your question? I am trying to do the same thing, and not having a lot of success.

From the Tiller Console site:

  • Find the connected Sheet and click on the chevron “V” of the sheet you want to disconnect.

  • Scroll to the bottom and click on “Unlink this Sheet”

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